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Licensed Massage Therapy

Maintain your chiropractic care

Integrative Massage Therapy was founded by Melissa Benik in 2011.  Melissa is a licensed and certified massage therapist, certified Thai massage therapist, certified Personal Trainer, and certified Hatha Yoga teacher. After teaching yoga and personal training for over ten years this path of wellness led her to massage therapy and bodywork. Melissa graduated from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health as a certification massage therapist and NH licensed.  While in school she also attended Cortiva Institute of Boston for advanced massage training. Melissa practices several different modalities of massage therapy and bodywork.

Benefits of Massage Therapy
Massage, well known for its stress relieving qualities as well as its effects on muscle soreness and stiffness, can also provide a wide array of health benefits that impact us on emotional, psychological and physical levels. Massage can help to provide pain relief for conditions ranging from arthritis to fibromyalgia, improve joint flexibility and range of motion, assist in increasing the immune response and circulation, reduce scar tissue and high blood pressure, and help stabilize the spine in conjunction with chiropractic care

Integrative Massage Therapy

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